Dong Hoi Integrated Coastal development

In recent years, Dong Hoi, the capital of Quang Binh province, has encountered a rapid and dynamic development in the tourism sector with well known resorts and beaches popping up on the Bao Ninh peninsula. Dong Hoi city and Quang Binh province planned to develop Bao Ninh peninsula into a new urban area for combined residential and commercial purposes. The new urban area development is expected to generate employment and business opportunities which will yield poverty reduction and sustainable development.

Lack of spatial planning

Dong Hoi city had to face many problems emerging from a lack of understanding of the natural coastal system and the river estuary hydrodynamics, and poor spatial planning. The morphological development of the Nhat Le estuary of the Kien Giang river has been dominated by the migration of a spit bar in the south bank, thus obstructing the river discharge and waterway navigation. As a consequence, the flood discharge capacity of the river has decreased. Both the northern and southern beaches have eroded, endangering the properties and infrastructure of Dong Hoi city. In the Bao Ninh peninsula, the coastal dune system has been degraded due to the urban development. It has been cut into seven isolated sections by five corridors and an open channel which releases storm water to the sea. The development of hotels and resorts, including the flattening of the coastal dune area in front of these properties for a better sea view, degraded the sand dune system as well.

As a consequence, it is expected that the coastal erosion of the dunes, beaches and foreshore could continue the coming years.To endeavour sustainable coastal development and a sound management of the coastal zone of Dong Hoi city, there is a need for better understanding of the coastal system and for civil engineering, ecological and nonstructural solutions for the rehabilitation of the Bao Ninh dunes. Asian Development Bank has provided a grant to Quang Binh Province – Dong Hoi city for the execution of the project with the objectives of:

  •  Investigation of the hydrodynamics and morphology of Nhat Le estuary and its evolution. It is necessary to propose effective solutions to combat erosion and stabilise the river mouth;
  • Development of Technical solutions for Bao Ninh dune restoration and nonstructural measures to protect the dune system through training and public awareness amongst local authorities and inhabitants.

Witteveen+Bos works together with local partners on this project, which is to be implemented in the period of March 2018 to June 2019.

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