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Area Development and Urban Transformation

We are building a better living environment that is both healthy and climate-robust, one which matches the needs of its users. The ideal living environment isn’t the same everywhere, and for everyone. Nevertheless, our task is to create the highest possible value for everyone within the available financial frameworks. We do this by involving all stakeholders and by translating their needs into reality objectively.

Here we use our experience throughout the entire construction chain, from initiative to preparation for construction, and from new layouts to redevelopment. We work with opportunities, not problems. We produce a sharp business and value case that weighs up the financial and societal values. This paves the way for realisation, or leads to a sensible touch on the brakes.

We provide clear information for weighing up interests, providing insight not only into the decision-making options, but also into the strategic timing of those options.

Integrally functioning areas arise in the playing field of interests. Combining our technical expertise with our entrepreneurial sense of reality, we dream with both feet on the ground, and work with you to build an improved living environment.

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Matthew Marshall

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