A change to an existing dyke affects the local neighbourhood and the living environment. It is important to consider the local residents. Honest and understandable communication regarding plans and the proposed change’s consequences is essential for avoiding misunderstandings and backlash. This virtual reality tool makes proposed measures instantly visual and understandable, both for professionals and laypeople.

Insight for all stakeholders

Dyke managers are being forced to account for their decisions more than ever before. The Dykes VR Experience Tool was designed to help inform local residents about changes to dykes. In practice, the tool has also proved useful for stakeholders involved in dyke management, as this group also comprises people who are not necessarily experts.

After all, a difference in level of expertise can easily lead to miscommunication, which can cause delays at a later stage and increase costs.

A boy is wearing VR glasses. Next to him is a screen showing how he is flying above the dyke.

Visualisation of huge number of variants

Whereas one or two designs are typically made in traditional situations, as many as 10,000 variants are possible with the Dykes VR Experience Tool – all at the push of a button, thanks to clever algorithms. The consequences for the immediate surroundings are also instantly visible. At a time when dyke managers are faced with ‘joint fact-finding’ – where laypeople are also involved in assessments – this tool can prevent unpleasant confrontations.  

The Dykes VR Experience Tool creates a level playing field for experts – who, as it were, work with dyke designs every single day – and laypeople, for whom a change to a dyke is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. As the tool allows for distinctions to be made between differing levels of knowledge, information can be suitably presented.

A collage of 3 images: a screenshot of Dykes VR Experience Tool, a photo of a dyke and a photo of the virtual reality experience in the information centre Markermeerdijken.

Why Dykes VR Experience Tool?


The tool enables honest and understandable communication regarding plans and their consequences. This avoids misunderstandings and backlash.

Different designs

Thanks to clever algorithms, many different designs can easily be created.

Suitable for all stakeholders

All measures are immediately visible, making them understandable for both the expert and layperson.

Want to know more?

Marinus is a dyke builder and uses digital innovations to enable participation by local residents.

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