Riga office


In 2002 we established our office in Riga (Latvia), where local engineers collaborate with a global network of colleagues on design and consultancy services. Being locally based means we are familiar with local design regulations, legislation and best practices. We are a member of the Netherlands Latvian Chamber of Commerce (NLCC) and since 2014 have been a proud member of the Latvian Association of Consulting Engineers (LIKA).

Highlighted projects

  • Detailed design for Riga Bulk Terminal

  • Inspection of berth and revetment of port of Liepaja

  • Reconstruction of Riga Skirotava Mashalling Hump

  • Reconstruction of a movable bridge over the Venta river

  • Riga mobility plan

Riga office

SIA Witteveen+Bos Latvia
Marijas iela 2A, office No. 403
Riga LV1050

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Witteveen+Bos Riga 00 3 716 722 31 44