Detailed design for Riga Bulk Terminal

In June 2012, Witteveen+Bos Latvia concluded a contract with LNK Industries on the development of a detailed design for a quay wall in Free Port of Riga. The quay wall was intended to be used for bulk cargo handling with rail and mobile cranes operating on it. The berth should be capable to accommodate 60,000 DWT Panamax class vessels.

The scope of the design works included the design of combined quay wall with a grout injection anchor supporting structure, capping beam and landside crane track with reinforced concrete pile foundations. This is the first quay wall in Latvia where one of the crane tracks is located directly on the capping beam and the very first combined quay wall in Latvia.

The design process was challenging due to the presence of weak soils and relatively short design development time. In addition to the design activities Witteveen+Bos Latvia provided designer’s supervision services during the 13-month period of construction works.

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