Our Witteveen+Bos experts have been active in Kazakhstan since 1997. Since that time we have opened three offices – in Aktau, Atyrau and Almaty – from which we offer a broad range of engineering solutions and advice to both the private and public sector in the fields of water, infrastructure, environment and construction.

Our intimate familiarity with rules, regulations and licenses for a wide range of engineering activities in Kazakhstan means we can exploit our specialised international knowledge and adapt it to local norms and standards. This, together with our proven track record of approved and permitted project designs, puts us in a unique position.

Expert. Reliable. Committed.

Witteveen+Bos’s engineers and consultants possess an intrinsic drive to resolve complex issues and help society progress. We foster an informal and open culture that provides space for entrepreneurship and engenders trust, and we share knowledge, collaborate and combine skills over a global network. Most importantly, though, we enjoy what we do.

We advise and help clients all over the world in solving today’s complex challenges. Many of our projects require integrated designs and plans incorporating wide-ranging areas of expertise. For this, we rely on our own international experts as well as an extensive network of trusted business partners. By offering sustainable solutions on our projects, we maximise our impact on the society of both current and future generations.

Areas of expertise

Our core business involves projects in the fields of water, infrastructure, environment and construction, with our advice and designs focusing on the following areas of expertise:

Around the world, both public and private clients call on us to help solve the challenges they face. Our activities span the entire chain, from policy-making and design to contracting and construction supervision. We strive for sustainable relationships with clients and stakeholders that put us in a position to understand their needs and expectations and deliver maximum added value.


From three offices in Kazakhstan we work together on our projects. Take a look at one of our office pages to find out more.

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Highlighted projects

  • Energy transition Atyrau

  • Remediation of Lake Boyuk Shor

  • Almaty cycling

  • DRR mission to Kazakhstan

  • Cargo Transportation Route

Certifications in Kazakhstan

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ISO 9001 certificate

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ISO 27001