DRR mission to Kazakhstan

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At the request of foreign governments, the Dutch Risk Reduction Team (DRR Team) provides high-quality expertise to prevent or reduce the consequences of water-related disasters. Michel Zuijderwijk, a Modelling and Remote Sensing expert, took part in the recent DRR mission to Kazakhstan.

Flooding in Kazakhstan is becoming more frequent and more devastating. The country was again hit by flooding in 2022. Against the background of climate change, the Kazakh authorities want to broaden their knowledge in the field of water management, especially in terms of risk management.

The DRR Team has been working with a newly-formed interdepartmental working group of the Kazakhstan government. They jointly mapped out what the country needs to be more resistant to flooding. They did this during information sessions and on a field visit to the Ural River. The results are now being used to plan the follow-up deployment of the DRR Team. This recent mission took place under assignment to the Netherlands Enterprise Agency in collaboration with Rieks Bosch of Ecocoast Consultancy.

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