• (Deep) geothermal energy

  • Heat recovery, valorisation of residual flows, biogas production, heat pumps, ORC technology

  • Design of heating and cooling networks

Sustainable heating, cooling & heating systems

Most of our energy demand goes to heating and cooling buildings and production processes. The transition to the use of sustainable heat and cooling will be crucial to achieving the climate objectives. At district level (both city districts and industrial zones), sustainable heating and cooling can be achieved by using heat and cold storage and BEO (Borehole Energy Storage), deep geothermal energy, energy production from biomass and distribution of heat networks. Companies can make their heating and cooling demand sustainable and save costs by using residual heat from other processes, introducing heat pumps or ORC technology or using alternative fuels such as residual flows and biogas.

Witteveen+Bos has experience in realising sustainable heat and cooling, both at the urban level and in industry. The services we provide include the execution of feasibility studies and the design and engineering of the selected technology. In addition, we carry out studies into the design and route choice of heat and cooling networks and the coupling in and out of this thermal energy in existing buildings and processes.