Brussels Airport partially self-sufficient thanks to renewable energy

Brussels Airport has become partially self-sufficient thanks to investment in the creation of renewable energy. The company appointed Witteveen+Bos to design and follow up on the delivery of a solar energy park to be built on an unused lot (25L) on the grounds of Brussels Airport. The green energy produced is distributed through Brussels Airport’s closed network and used for the airport’s operations.

Design optimally aligned with air traffic and air traffic control

The design and location of the installation needed to be carefully considered so as to prevent interference with air traffic and air traffic control on the ground. For this reason, solar panels with a total capacity of 1.2 MWp were placed low to the ground. We also carried out a reflection study to examine the effects of the light on radar systems.

Detailed advice with maximum return as goal

Taking an optimal design as well as all prerequisites into consideration, we calculated the financial viability of the project. This consisted of photovoltaic installations, electrical systems and the mains connection. The goal: achieving maximum possible return, financially as well as in terms of energy.

In addition to this, we prepared all the required permit requests for Brussels Airport. Once these had been issued, we prepared the tender documents, assessed supplier quotations and provided support throughout the contract phase. We also assumed responsibility for supervising the works to be carried out, right up to delivery of the solar park.

Brussels Airport generates own renewable energy

Thanks to the 25L solar park, an unused lot has been turned into something of value in a profitable and responsible way. The construction of the solar park has helped Brussels Airport achieve its goals regarding renewable energy.

Is your ambition to invest in renewable energy? Let’s explore how we can realise this ambition together.

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