Slufterdam wind farm

The scaling up and expansion of the Slufterdam wind farm is a joint project of energy suppliers Nuon and Eneco. In consultation with customers, we investigated possible ways of using the Slufterdam and the North Sea Boulevard to generate wind energy as efficiently as possible, without adversely affecting the recreational and industrial functions of the area.

Scaling up and expansion of Slufterdam wind farm

Three scenarios with wind turbines of different sizes were investigated within the project. The findings of an environmental study and a business case showed that the optimal configuration of the wind farm is based on 14 modern wind turbines with a relatively high capacity in relation to their height. The chosen design ensures a minimal impact on the other functions of the area: a public beach, various functions in the Maasvlakte II industrial zone and a nature reserve.

The new wind farm will have a total capacity of 3 to 4 megawatts (MW), sufficient to supply electricity to approximately 47,000 households. This sustainable energy project will result in a CO2 emission reduction of approximately 2 megatons. Throughout the project, we consulted closely with the competent authority and its advisors. We also supervised various external specialists and prepared the external safety report. Witteveen+Bos supported the two energy companies in developing the plans for this project and obtaining the necessary permits.

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