• Projectsupport from feasibility to realisation

  • Maximum return on investment

  • Independent production and reduction on energy costs

Sustainable energy production

The European and national climate objectives set targets for the production of renewable energy. In order to achieve these objectives, the potential of the various forms of production, such as solar energy and wind turbines, will have to be used to the full. It is important for governments and companies to get a good idea of the potential and to start using this potential cost-efficiently. More and more companies are also willing to invest in their own energy production because this very often results in interesting business cases. 

We offer advice on the feasibility, engineering and realisation of your projects, such as photovoltaic installations, wind turbines, CHPs (combined heat and power) and hydropower. Our engineers investigate which systems are the most interesting for energy production and calculate the optimal design in which the maximum return can be obtained from your investment. In addition, we assist companies in contracting a supplier to get the best conditions out of the market.

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