Water management

Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM)

We are already noticing the effects of climate change: more frequent and longer droughts and heat periods, salinisation and periods of prolonged rainfall. There is also a task to provide drinking water to an increasing number of people, improve water quality and stop desiccation and further degradation of nature.

We are committed to a sustainable and future-proof water system on a global level. We achieve this by performing in-depth and comprehensive analyses of the water system and carefully weighing up the interests of all stakeholders. This approach allows us to offer appropriate solutions for current and future challenges. In order to achieve future-proof solutions, we go through every stage of the process, from policy-making and planning up to implementation. 

To manage water systems, we set up decision support systems (DSS) and provide support with asset management. We also develop and maintain digital products, including the Water Demand Forecasting Tool, which forecasts water demand and shortage for six weeks ahead.

In the performance of our work, we use various software packages, such as D-Hydro, Infoworks, Wflow, RTC-Tools, SOBEK, regional groundwater models, MODFLOW, NHI, GIS and Python. 

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