Shipping routes for both sea and inland shipping play a crucial role in the transport of goods around the world. They connect sea and inland ports and offer an efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to road transport. Technical consultancy services are essential for the development and maintenance of the port infrastructure needed to enable such transport.

In the field of shipping, Witteveen+Bos provides a variety of engineering services. These include design, construction and maintenance of waterways, locks, dams, quays, jetties and dredging operations aimed at maintaining the navigable depth of waterways. Our services also include analyses and modelling of shipping traffic and nautical safety, navigation tools; Environmental Impact Assessments and studies on sustainability, such as the use of green marine fuels.

The complexity of inland navigation requires a wide range of technical expertise, including civil engineering (e.g. design of mooring facilities), hydraulic engineering (e.g. design of fairways), hydrodynamics and morphology, dredging technology, electrical engineering (e.g. design of lighting systems), mechanical engineering (e.g. design of lock gates) and environmental engineering (e.g. conducting environmental impact assessments), licensing and spatial development. Witteveen+Bos offers this wide range of expertise.

Our services in the field of shipping include:

  • nautical design of shipping routes for maritime and inland navigation
  • shipping analyses and modelling based on AIS data
  • nautical safety analyses
  • studies aimed at model split and hinterland transport
  • logistics modelling
  • economic and financial analyses

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