Master plan for inland waterway transport

The European Union supported the Republic of Serbia in the preparation of feasibility studies, master plans, detailed design and tender documentation with related Environmental Impact Assessment studies to reconstruct the inland waterway transport (IWT) with respect to the network system and the inland navigation ports along the rivers. Our company has established a strategy for development for IWT in the short, middle and long term, identifying priorities in investments and including the preparation of detailed design and tender documentation.

Short term restoration measures such as clean-up of unexploded explosives and ship wrecks have been identified, as well as the rehabilitation of the navigation lock complexes at the two hydroelectric power plants at the Iron Gate. After 30 years the locks capacity has become a ‘bottleneck’ in the IWT system between the Black Sea and Austria, jeopardizing the existence of large steel companies and cereal producers established along the Danube River. Our services also included transport and traffic assessments, investigation into modal split as well as advice on the institutional and legislative network for a better understanding of the efficiency and competency of the IWT sector. The environmental issues have been handled in line with the European Water Framework Directive and related regulations.

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