Urban Planning and Architecture

The pressure on our built environment continues to increase. Cities are growing and their quality of life is under strain. Meanwhile, climate adjustments, sustainable energy use, new ‘smart’ technologies and the changing needs of residents all play a major role. Cities need to adapt to all these major changes, all the while retaining their cultural and historical identities.

These changes call for an urban planning approach where planning is built up on the basis of an urban systems analysis. An analysis that combines specialist knowledge of the various tasks in the city, with an understanding of the urban structures, such as mobility and socioeconomic structures. Management and ambitions are fulfilled in cohesion. A system where the parties in the area recognise their wishes and tasks, and that which has thus also been achieved in cooperation with them. And it is precisely in this integral approach that we distinguish ourselves.

Collaboration is part of our culture. We arrive at supported solutions by combining the art of design with specialist, technical expertise and process and procedural knowledge. Design solutions that enrich the living environment, but which also lead to sustainable, climate-proof and healthy urban environments where people can work and live safely.

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Edgar Rijsdijk

PMC manager Planning Studies and Process Management

Harro Wieringa

Group manager Urban Development