• Combination of architecture and technical expertise

  • Landscape plan

  • Design with nature

  • Landscape features as a basis

  • Good process and procedural knowledge

  • Healthy cities

Architecture, urban planning and landscape architecture

Architectural design and layout are in our DNA. The basis was laid by Willem Gerrit Witteveen, one of our founders, civil engineer, urban planner and government adviser. He was someone who looked beyond the boundaries of his own discipline and could balance and put his own interests in perspective. In infrastructure, he saw the basis, the foundation of his designs. His philosophy is applied by more than 30 designers (architecture, urban planning and landscape architecture) at Witteveen+Bos, working on ingenious projects with positive impact and their own identity.

Ingenious approach

Our ingenious approach involves a combination of creative ambition and practical, technical feasibility. A DNA which has persisted, and which characterises our architectural designers. We also always want to perform at top level, which challenges us to continue innovating and developing and maximises our contribution to projects. We do this with a motivated team, mostly consisting of young colleagues, whose approach is rooted in the present but geared to the future. They are familiar with new technology and are themselves the target group for whom sustainability is particularly urgent. They have high ambitions, as demonstrated by their input to prestigious competitions like the Kinderdijk entrance, contributions to iconic projects like the Floriade 2022 and EXPO Dubai 2020 (2021) and their contribution to providing a socially relevant role as in the board of the NVTL.

Design with positive impact

Our employees also have the ambition to achieve a positive impact and go further than mere compensation, sustainability or inclusion. Impact that extends beyond aesthetic or constructive quality and image. We always want a project or intervention to add more value than previously existed, based on the desire to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (UN Global Goals). We aim to achieve good, green and healthy design, which must also be attractive. In recent years, we have done this successfully in the Floriade Almere, for example.

Own identity

The designs that we work on have a unique identity. Whilst respecting what already exists, we look to strengthen the present qualities. As Witteveen describes it: 'combining modern and historic'. We think in terms of the system, whether it is (urban) landscape or a building. We make connections between disciplines and consider areas or buildings as part of the greater whole. Revealing this spatial, social and technical relationship characterises our projects, as well as the motivation of our employees. Examples include the Waterfabriek in Wilp, Kinderdijk entrance and Stenendijk Hasselt.

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