Highlights of 2020

Corporate objectives

Witteveen+Bos’s mission is twofold: we solve complex issues in the fields of water, infrastructure, the environment and construction; and we aim to help every employee reach his or her maximum potential. In order to achieve this mission, we continuously focus on four corporate objectives: societal value in projects, talent development, sustainable business operations and economic value. In 2020 we interviewed and consulted internal and external stakeholders about important topics for Witteveen+Bos. Taking the most important results of this materiality analysis as a starting point, we are going to recalibrate our corporate objectives in 2021.

Objective 1: Societal value in projects and contribution to the SDGs

Our first objective is based on the first part of our mission: adding value through projects in the fields of water, infrastructure, the environment and construction. We are able to make a significant impact through the more than 4,000 projects we work on each year. By doing so, we are helping to address major societal challenges, including the energy transition, climate adaptation, the circular economy and restoring biodiversity.

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Objective 2: Talent development

Our second objective is based on the second part of our mission: we want to be a platform that allows people to fulfil their ambitions and develop their talents. Witteveen+Bos aims to be a company where diversity, inclusivity and shared impact are embraced. Our corporate culture of entrepreneurship and trust focuses on good internal relations and mutual care. We also ensure that employees derive maximum satisfaction from their work and that we have sufficient in-house talent for promotion to higher (management) positions.

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Objective 3: Sustainable business operations

Sustainable business operations are essential to our ability to complete projects and develop talents. Our departments are responsible for several essential corporate processes and internal projects. These include onboarding employees, developing and managing a new global intranet and updating and implementing our working from home policy.

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Objective 4: Economic Value

Healthy financial results are important for long-term continuity. This is necessary in order to have sufficient room for innovation and other new developments, and to be able to invest in our people. For this reason, we strive for a healthy net profit margin of at least 8 % per year and annual organic growth of 3 to 5 % both in staff size and own revenues.


4,329 projects in 2020