Annual report 2023

Our people, our strength

We have a clear mission, and it is at the heart of everything we do: through the projects we work on, make a positive contribution to overcoming the major challenges facing society. Together with our clients and collaboration partners, we want to generate social value and contribute to a future-proof world.

The key factor in achieving this is our people. They acquire our expert knowledge, share and expand it with clients and partners, collaborate, build trust, and devise concrete solutions to the challenges our world is faced with. Would you like to know more about Witteveen+Bos’s efforts to help overcome these challenges? In our Annual report 2023, you can read about how our talented employees work each day to ensure a better world for tomorrow.


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Net result

EUR 18.3 million

Revenue (N.V.)

EUR 177 million




4,700 +


of 21 employees

Impact through projects

In 2023, we provided added value to clients and society on almost 5,000 projects across 43 countries through designs, studies, advice, and (digital) services. By exploiting our expertise, organisational strength, knowledge, experience, data, and technology, we devise concrete, sustainable and integrated solutions.

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