Feasible, achievable and sustainable solutions

Urban transformation in the Netherlands is in full swing and faces major challenges. But how do we achieve feasible solutions in our daily living environment? This requires designers and specialists with knowledge of the city in all its dimensions. 

The challenges in the city are numerous and piling up. Whether it concerns climate adaptation, accessibility, densification, energy transition, safety or quality of life: the solutions lie in limited available space that many people use for different purposes. 

Tackling the challenges of our time is not easy. Traditional solutions are often no longer sufficient; the use of new technology and knowledge is a precondition for success. The connection between all these tasks adds up to the complexity of working in and with urban areas. Collaboration between numerous disciplines and governance are needed to make the most positive impact with the limited resources available.

Our strength lies in the combination

Witteveen+Bos offers the best people, knowledge and experience to tackle these challenges. Our focus is to create a future-proof urban living environment by developing feasible and sustainable solutions.

Our strength lies in the combination of design research, in-depth knowledge of every aspect of the physical living environment and our ability to integrate design and research into an inspiring solutions that offer our clients perspectives.

We prefer a joint process with clients, stakeholders and partners. This ensures access to the best knowledge and already creates a solid foundation for the final result during the development phase.

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