The Digital Engineer 5: How can 3D concrete printing accelerate the construction of houses? (Dutch spoken)

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The second season of our podcast focuses on the construction of housing. Three young experts talk about how digital solutions can help with the housing task from their own expertise. In this second episode of this season, you will hear Maartje Hoogeveen (pictured right) and host Pieter-Bas de Visser (pictured left).

Maartje works as a Construction Engineer at Witteveen+Bos. She works in the Digital Construction team and focusses on innovations, such as 3D concrete printing. You will learn how 3D concrete printing works, the advantages of this new construction method, innovation in the construction world and how this construction technique can contribute to todays housing challenge.

A photo of Maartje Hoogeveen and Pieter-Bas de Visser.

'With 3D concrete printing, we can build much faster with fewer people. Our goal is to build almost 1 million homes in 2030. I think that this innovative technology will play an important role in making this housing challenge reality,' Maartje said.

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