The Digital Engineer: How does the nitrogen dashboard unlock the construction of houses? (Dutch spoken)

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Once again, we bridge the gap between our work as engineers and the digital world. The second season focuses on housing construction. Three young experts talk about how digital solutions can help with the housing challenge from their own area of expertise.

In this first episode, host Pieter-Bas de Visser (pictured left) talks to Rony Nedkov (pictured right). Rony has combined his GIS specialisation with software engineering and developed the nitrogen dashboard. He talks about the dashboard, how it can be deployed, and also why he joined Witteveen+Bos. 

A photo of Rony Nedkov and Pieter-Bas de Visser. They are sitting behind a microphone and wearing both headphones.

'While developing the nitrogen dashboard, there were all kinds of political debates. Choices were made there that had a direct impact on what I was building. These are really complex problems and I find it very interesting that I can contribute to society with my programming skills,' says Rony.

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