Digital Twins 3: The digital aquarium (Dutch spoken)

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Listen now to the third episode of The Digital Engineer! In this podcast, we build a bridge between our work as engineers and the digital world.

In this first season of three episodes, we update you on the Digital Twin: the digital copy of reality. In this triptych, we highlight three totally different angles, showing how broad the theme is. We talk about Digital Twins of the city, civil objects and water systems. In each episode Pieter-Bas de Visser talks to a fellow specialist who works with Digital Twins on a daily basis.

In this third episode Pieter-Bas (left on the picture) talks to aquatic ecologist Bob Brederveld (right on the picture). Bob explains how Digital Twins are used for water systems, how this can have a positive influence on the water quality and how we can make predictions with them. The podcast is also available in Apple Podcasts. Curious? Listen to the podcast! 

A picture of Bob Brederveld and Pieter-Bas de Visser.