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Witteveen+Bos UK Ltd. is part of the Witteveen+Bos Group, an originally Dutch firm with now over 1,400 engineers, consultants and specialists working on sustainable solutions for public and private clients worldwide. Our team has been active in the United Kingdom since 2015 in the fields of water, infrastructure, environment and construction.

Sustainable solutions for the challenges facing society

As an engineering and consultancy firm, we strive to offer the highest level of quality, believing that a commitment to excellence is key to developing sustainable solutions for today’s challenges.

At its core, our work is about knowledge: bringing together the right expertise to work in a sustainable manner to solve challenges including climate change adaptation, the energy transition, large-scale infrastructure replacement and healthy cities. Our approach to such challenges is based on our DNA of top expertise and collaboration in a culture of entrepreneurship and trust.

On our projects we aim for multifunctionality and combined benefits for society, reliable data analysis, future-proofing for known challenges and awareness raising for unknown challenges. This means putting sustainable design principles into practice every day:

  • Nature-friendly and climate-proof design
  • Integration: applying the chain approach
  • Optimisation of functions
  • Social design based on social sustainability
  • Stakeholders and user participation
  • Trias (principle for sustainable solutions)
  • Future-proof design

Specialists with an integrated approach

We are passionate about net-zero solutions, such as heat networks and sustainable mobility, and aim to help local communities capitalise on their socioeconomic benefits. We possess an impressive portfolio of expertise encompassing nature-based solutions, neighbourhood-level energy self‑sufficiency, air pollution implementation plans, and socioeconomic analyses. We also possess specialised skills in integrating cycling into macro-level transport practices (e.g. network design, junctions, signalling, maintenance and operations, and safety). Making use of visuals as well as words and numbers, we have experience in conducting projects which reach the hearts and minds of a wide range of stakeholders.

We collaborate closely with a global network of specialists on increasingly large and complex projects. Adopting an integrated approach, our UK team – supported by specialised engineers in the Netherlands with experience in the UK – delivers customised engineering and consultancy solutions in the fields of:

Modern Slavery Act

Witteveen+Bos is committed to ensuring that human rights are upheld throughout our chain and that individuals experience safe, fair and non-discriminatory working conditions. Witteveen+Bos only works with suppliers who share our conviction that fair work practices and a safe working environment are an inherent part of human rights.

Modern Slavery Act statement

Carbon reduction plan


Carbon reduction plan

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