Cycling network in Inverness City

The Inverness City Active Travel Network (ICATN) was successfully awarded £6.5m of Community Links PLUS funding in September 2017. Witteveen+Bos UK Ltd were the consultants for the Highland Council in the preparation of this bid, as well as the initial EOI.

The ICATN project outlines five strategic investment projects which will be transformational in connecting the city and making cycling a realistic and attractive way to get around for everybody. The proposal developed a strong, local identity narrative and a clear case for the wider benefits of this investment. Identified projects include key links between new development areas in the west and the expanding university to the east. Visualisations represent the bold vision for high quality segregated cycling infrastructure which links the exceptional natural qualities of the city with historic and urban areas. Highlights include a new bi-directional cycle track along Millburn Road, and the innovation of a Cycle Street.

In prepariation of the bid document we deployed our expertise in network planning, traffic design, landscape architecture, and communication strategies. In addition, Witteveen+Bos a two-day workshop on participatory design was organised as well as a workshop on ‘Smart(er) Travel’. We also drew up a signage vision document based on the Celtic Ogham alphabet, with the names of trees playing a central role. Dutch cycling expertise is reflected in the design of a turbo roundabout and the application of bicycle boulevard profiles.


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