Optimisation air management and post-treatment technology

When measuring emissions, have you established that the applicable emission limit values are not being met? Do you have plans to invest in post-treatment technology, but do you want independent advice about the options and a financial analysis?

With over 30 years' experience in implementing projects, in which we optimise the air quality in both the industrial and public sector, Witteveen+Bos is the ideal partner to support you.

We can produce a detailed analysis of the air management. This involves studying the different air flows and characterising the emissions so that we can finally select possible mitigating measures (process, end of pipe, ...).

With respect to characterising the emissions (odour is a separate topic in this), we have equipment to determine the physical parameters of the air flow and indicatively follow up the VOS and NOx concentration. If a detailed (chemical) analysis is required, we can provide the necessary support.

Thanks to our knowledge of the applicable legislation and based on different dispersion models, we can interpret the measurement results and help you consider, select, design and tender the most suitable treatment technology and supplier. In this, we obviously take the BAT measures/obligations into account.

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Arnout Soumillion

Air quality engineer