Customisation and collaboration needed to tackle the nitrogen issue

Of all issues in rural areas, nitrogen is probably the one most under the microscope. Reducing the nitrogen deposition needs to be part of a system- and area-based approach.

We can support provinces, municipalities, water authorities and other stakeholders on this issue with a wide range of services. From studies and assessments of the nitrogen load to project coordination and implementation, and from stakeholder participation to compiling area-wide planning. Our fundamental philosophy is that we operate independently, objectively and on a scientific basis.

The basis for providing sustainable solutions involves employing a number of essential parameters:

  • the natural system is our starting point;
  • we adopt an area-based approach;
  • we coordinate with and between local stakeholders.

Local ecosystem is leading

For many of the issues facing rural areas, including that of nitrogen deposition, an overused ecosystem is an important factor. A prerequisite for the sustainable design of rural areas is an integrated approach that focuses on the bearing capacity of the local natural soil and water system. This enables us to lay a robust foundation, because ecosystems are flexible and can adapt well to changing conditions.

Customised area-wide planning

In terms of content and organisation, a system- and area-based approach to compiling area-wide planning makes all the difference. Witteveen+Bos is able to offer this approach directly to provinces, municipalities and water authorities.

Supported by local stakeholders

We always draw up area-wide planning in consultation with the stakeholders present in the area. This consultative approach requires area-specific customisation. We believe that getting to know and understanding each other are preconditions for a successful area-wide approach.

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