Logistics Park Moerdijk

Strategically located between two freeways, along the railroad line from Rotterdam to Antwerp and close to the port of Moerdijk, the new Moerdijk Logistics Park is being developed. This will be a high-quality business park of approximately 150 hectares where the regional and supra-regional demand for large-scale Value Added Logistics companies can be bundled. 

The plans for the realization of a business park at this location have been around for a long time. Once the area in the armpit of the A16 and A17 was intended for an expansion of the Moerdijk Industrial Park. Over the years, these plans have changed: the plan area has been reduced to a triangle between the highways and the historic Lapdijk and is intended for logistics instead of industry.

The new logistics business park will have four large development cells, each with a minimum size of 5 hectares. The desired high-quality uniform image quality for the business park has been designed in an image control plan. An internal track will provide a direct traffic connection between the business park and the industrial estate and the port of Moerdijk. On the side of the historic Lapdijk there will be a scenic integration zone that will ensure a good transition from business park to the surrounding outlying area.

From the proceeds of the Moerdijk Logistics Park, various liveability projects in and around Moerdijk will be co-financed through the Moerdijk More Possible program.

Integral consultancy services

Witteveen+Bos provided its client the Province of Noord-Brabant with an integral package of various consultancy and design services for the preparation of the Moerdijk Logistics Park plan. This includes a civil engineering preliminary design, a Provincial Adaptation Plan (PIP), a permit inventory, the execution of an environmental impact assessment, a nature compensation plan and various environmental and environmental studies such as traffic, noise, air quality, flora and fauna. In the project Witteveen+Bos collaborated with Rho consultants for living space, Studio Marco Vermeulen and De essentie.

Nitrogen deposition

An important topic in the environmental studies carried out is the nitrogen deposition on Natura 2000 areas that occurs as a result of the development of the business park. At the time of adoption of the Provincial Adaptation Plan, the Nitrogen Approach Program (in Dutch: Programmatische Aanpak Stikstof, PAS in short) was still in force. The PAS fell during the appeal procedure. As a result, the appeals to the plan were held up for a long time by the Council of State and a new solution to the nitrogen problem had to be sought within the project. This was achieved through a combination of external balancing with livestock farms, a mitigating measure by gasless heating of the farms and the ecological assessment of the remaining nitrogen deposition within one Natura 2000 area. On 30 September 2020, the Administrative Jurisdiction Division of the Council of State issued a positive final ruling on the Provincial Adaptation Plan. With this, the Provincial Adaptation Plan has become irrevocable and the Moerdijk Logistics Park can be further developed.

Copyrights imagery: Studio Marco Vermeulen

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