Environmental permits

Environmental permits

The production and corporate processes of industrial companies are likely to involve (unintentional) environmental pollution. How do companies deal with this? What legislation and regulations are they subject to, and how can they go beyond the mandatory guidelines?

Witteveen+Bos advises and supports industrial companies in all processes and technical investigations regarding industrial permits. Our consultants and specialists are well-versed in various sectors, operating at the interface of environment and technology.

Our experience on both the (permit) applicant and assessment side allows us to quickly map the playing field and increase the chances of obtaining the necessary permits quickly. This includes the application strategy, legal possibilities and impossibilities, and technical investigations in the field of soil, hazardous substances, emission of air and/or odour, (waste)water, noise, BAT and external safety.

Among other things, we offer advice on:

  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and EIA review
  • All-in-one permit for an environmentally harmful activity / local environmental planning activity
  • All-in-one permit for an out-of-plan local environmental planning activity
  • All-in-one permit for a water activity

With the entry into force of the Environment and Planning Act, the zoning plan will change into a local environment plan and (non-complex) establishments will be seen as separate environmentally harmful activities. Would you like to know what this means for you? Get in touch with us.

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