Free water scans

Do you want to save water for your SME?

As an SME with a minimum water consumption of 500 m3, VLAIO, in collaboration with Witteveen+Bos, offers you a free water scan. This scan visualizes your water consumption and suggests specific actions for water conservation.


What is the free waterscan?

A waterscan is an expert evaluation of your company's water management. The goal is to gain insight into your water consumption and identify potential savings measures. This is achieved through a comprehensive assessment of your business activities and data analysis. After the site visit, you will receive a clear report highlighting key issues, tips, and opportunities.

The waterscan is free for all SMEs that...

...are not legally obligated to conduct a waterscan.

...consume a minimum of 500 m3 of water annually.

Why a waterscan?

Four reasons:

  1. Tap into the unique expertise of a water expert - for free!
  2. Enhance the sustainability of your business and let your customers know about it.
  3. Future-proof your business against potential price hikes in tap and groundwater.
  4. Make your business more self-sufficient in water and better prepared for periods of drought. Flanders is currently facing a severe water shortage!

Water scan cases

  • Water scan: Patroba Family Bakers

Prefer a comprehensive scan?

Are you more ambitious in reducing your water consumption? Opt for an in-depth scan that calculates your economic water-saving potential:

  • What is the required investment?
  • How much water will be saved?
  • What is the payback period? These comprehensive scans are subsidized at 80% of the actual cost. Your business covers the remaining 20%.


To request a waterscan, you can send an email to or

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