Water scan: Patroba Family Bakers

Patroba Family Bakers in Aartselaar is a family-owned industrial bakery specializing in pre-packaged fresh health breads, high-quality gas-packed rolls, and innovative bread concepts. Some of the bread brands they produce and deliver daily to Belgian supermarkets include Biaform, Provital, and Boerkens’ Grimbergen. In 2023, they baked over 12,000,000 loaves of bread.

During the water audit, the Plant Manager of Patroba showed great interest in water conservation, with many questions and his own ideas. It is not surprising, therefore, that after completing the water audit, Patroba Family Bakers has undertaken or will undertake several water-saving actions:

  • Softened water will only be used for hot water and steam production. Additional water meters will be installed to monitor the impact of this measure;
  • The number of toilets using rainwater will be increased to maximize the use of this alternative water source;
  • Various process measures will be implemented to save water;
  • The company will explore the possibilities of saving water during the weekly cleaning of the production area.

Effects of the water scan

Through the actions already completed and those to be completed in the short term, Patroba Family Bakers is expected to save up to 411 m³ of tap water per year. Given that the company had a tap water consumption of 3,213 m³/year (in 2022), this means their water consumption will decrease by more than 10 %.

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