The story of Maaike van Berkel

‘No two days are the same. That’s what makes my work so enjoyable and challenging!’

No two days are the same. As a front office employee in the facilities department, I work in different offices. That’s what makes my work so enjoyable and challenging! I mainly deal with welcoming guests, supporting colleagues at events and projects and handling incoming reports.

In the morning after settling in, I process the mail and check our reporting system to see what requests, reports and orders have come in. At the end of the morning, I make sure lunch is ready for my colleagues and I check the meeting rooms. Sometimes, a get-together is planned, for which I make the preparations. Part of my job is demand-driven. This brings a lot of variety in my days.

In addition to the day-to-day business, I contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency of facility processes. I am currently developing knowledge items and instructions for colleagues and guests, such as directions to the office and instructions on how to book a meal or lunch through our reporting system.

My work gives me a lot of energy. For example, when I can give guests a warm welcome, or by collaborating with and being appreciated by colleagues for supporting a large event.

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