Variable maintenance of R-net HOV-1

Witteveen+Bos was commissioned to prepare a contract for the variable maintenance of R-net’s HOV-1 rapid-transit bus lane, including the associated civil engineering structures and bus stops.

RAW-compliant specifications

The bus lane, civil engineering structures and bus stops were inspected and maintenance measures were defined. The measures were incorporated into a set of RAW-compliant specifications, including a cost estimate. The main challenge in producing the specifications concerned the phasing of the work to be performed. The phased temporary closure of the bus lane has a massive impact on the highly complex local environment (Haarlemmermeer municipality/Amsterdam Airport Schiphol). Coordination with all stakeholders about closure of the bus lane was a key element of this project.

'The project ensured the availability of the bus lane and public transport to and from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol for the coming years'

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