Soil remediation at site of former REGEV gasworks

The site of the former REGEV gasworks is located in the city centre of Hilversum. This dilapidated site is to be redeveloped into a high-quality residential area. Various surveys revealed that the soil was severely contaminated with substances typically found at gasworks sites, namely metals, cyanide, aromatics, oil, and tarry compounds. The site therefore had to be thoroughly cleaned up to make it suitable for future residential use.

To remediate the soil one of the largest in-situ chemical oxidation installations was designed and applied. Witteveen+Bos prepared the remediation action plan. In view of the specific contamination and groundwater situation at the site, the client opted for a combination of in-situ chemical oxidation, excavation, and groundwater extraction and treatment. After the plan was drawn up, Witteveen+Bos supervised the technical aspects of the decontamination work. The remediation works are completed and the first residents have moved into their newly built homes.

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