Masterplan Beira 2035

Beira is the second largest city in Mozambique and is located on the banks of the Indian Ocean in the delta of the Pungue River. The town is only a few metres above sea level. Rising sea levels and heavy rainfall in the summer months due to climate changes threaten the town and its inhabitants. Many urban residents live in flood prone areas and lack a good basic infrastructure.

Increasing demand for land and infrastructure

Due to population growth and the economic growth the country is experiencing, there is a substantial increase in demand for land and infrastructure. To secure this, an effective climate adaptation strategy and an integrated planning framework are urgently needed. More suitable land and infrastructure are needed to improve the living conditions of residents, to provide public services and to promote the development of industry. The Master Plan provides these strategies and structures, providing a solid basis for future urban developments in Beira. This will allow Beira residents to live and work safely in the delta region.

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Anke Springer-Rouwette