KRW banks and floodplains

In the KRW Banks and Uiterwaarden project Witteveen+Bos is working on a planning study for measures in five KRW bodies of water in the south-western Delta of the Netherlands. The measures relate to the development of intertidal areas, tidal creeks, nature-friendly banks, construction and improvement of foreshore defences and the implementation of flood defences. The planning study has led to a programme of requirements for each measure, enabling contractors to create and implement an affordable and broadly supported design that contributes to the KRW objectives of the water bodies.

The project was carried out by a Witteveen+Bos team with people from various disciplines in close cooperation with the Department of Public Works Zuid-Holland and various nature management organisations. In its Management and Development Plan for National Waters (BPRW) 2010-2015, Rijkswaterstaat has included measures to achieve the National Waters Framework Directive (WFD) objectives.

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