Improving the use of PCLake/PCDitch models

The ecological models called PCLake (for lakes) and PCDitch (for ditches and canals) define the most important ecological processes that occur in surface water. Use of the models yields an insight into natural processes. Using this insight makes it is possible to take effective measures to improve water quality. So PCLake and PCDitch have great potential for both Dutch and international water management. Even so, the models were being used only on a limited scale.

The PCLAKE / PCDITCH model explained

Witteveen+Bos identified the principal questions and barriers for using the models and subsequently improved them based on case studies and scientific research. To do this Witteveen+Bos cooperated intensively with the academic field (Netherlands Institute of Ecology, Wageningen University and PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency) and parties in the field (water managers). The result is that the models have been scientifically accepted and are being used far more often.

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