IJsselmeer 2050 Area Agenda

The Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment has drawn up a number of urgent tasks for the IJsselmeer Region covering water safety, fresh water, climate adaptation, nature development, water quality, energy production, fisheries, tourism, recreation and urbanisation. The aim was to arrive at supported prospects for the future of the IJsselmeer Region through co-creation with the various stakeholders (central government, provinces, municipalities, water boards, NGOs and entrepreneurs).

The outcome of this integral task forms a basis from which there can be better coordination of the policies of the various authorities, with the resources available deployed to the fullest. Witteveen+Bos was responsible for organising and facilitating area dialogues (workshops with area partners, with 80-100 participants) and providing the spatial analysis and reporting. A promotional and visual report was also drawn up, where opportunities and ideas were elaborated and combined.

The main challenges within this project were:

  • preparing an appealing programme with appropriate working methods to encourage stakeholders to share their ideas and provide their input;
  • organising, making concrete and graphically elaborating the ‘harvest’ into coherent spatial scenarios.

The advisory report with proposals for future perspectives is available to the public. More information can be found on the website of Agenda IJsselmeer Region.

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