How to deal with PFASs in soil and water

Societal concern about PFASs in soil and water leads to action framework

Following significant social unrest in the Dordrecht region about the health effects of PFOA and GenX substances, Expertisecentrum PFAS – a knowledge platform for PFASs – has put together a national action framework, under contract to the Municipality of Dordrecht and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. The framework provides concrete information on PFASs and how to deal with them, in the broadest sense of the word. Expertisecentrum PFAS  is a collaboration between Witteveen+Bos, Arcadis and TTE Consultants, where knowledge and research are combined. The action framework is a document containing all essential knowledge surrounding PFASs in the Netherlands. 

PFASs action framework

The PFASs action framework aims to provide government authorities with tools for dealing with PFASs (Per- and polyfluoroalkyl compounds) in the soil and water system (soil, groundwater, waterbed and surface water). The document is intended to be a practical and application-based framework that can help government authorities develop policy, initiate research, interpret collected data and determine next steps.

The framework is based on the following in-depth studies:

  • Problem analysis and conceptual model for PFASs in the living environment;
  • Technical document on PFASs with sample-taking protocol and analyses;
  • Standards framework based on Relative Potency Factors for PFASs (in collaboration with the RIVM);
  • Study into source locations and background values of PFASs in the Netherlands;
  • Drafting of PFASs policy for soil management and earth moving.

Want to know more about the action framework? Go to Expertisecentrum PFAS.

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