Substances of Very High Concern

Substances of Very High Concern: the industry must step up

Within the group of hazardous substances, Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) are the most harmful chemicals for humans and the environment. Companies working with these substances must ensure that there are no unacceptable risks involved. Witteveen+Bos has a wide range of services available to assist industrial clients with continuous improvement in this area. From wastewater treatment and emission-reducing techniques to policy development and regulatory advice.

SVHCs are chemicals that may be carcinogenic, mutagenic, persistent and bioaccumulative, endocrine disrupting or reproductively harmful. These substances can be released from various (industrial) processes.

Mitigating risks

If companies cannot prevent emissions of SVHCs, it is essential that they can demonstrate efforts to reduce risks of emissions. Also because of increasing social pressure, companies should carefully examine whether the approach regarding SVHC and emissions can be taken to the next level.

PFAS Expertise Centre
Together with two other Dutch consulting firms, Witteveen+Bos set up the PFAS Expertise Centre, which updates and combines knowledge and insights on PFASs. For example about the PFAS restriction process and substance classification, the changes regarding C&L classifications and innovative remediation techniques.

Our SVHC-related services:

  • SVHC emission measurements;
  • support and advice on permit applications;
  • prevention and reduction programme;
  • advice on (cost-efficient) emission-reducing techniques and substitution measures;
  • risk management.


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