Highlighted case: Ghys BV

Ghys BV is a laundry and dry-cleaning service with branches in Temse and Sint-Niklaas (operating under the name 'OK-shop'), serving both individuals and the hospitality and corporate sectors. This family-owned business provides its customers with a comprehensive package by offering not only linen and textile cleaning but also ironing services and a pick-up service. Additionally, Ghys BV strives to make a positive environmental impact by conserving energy and water. To achieve this, they are always seeking innovations in the market and frequently undergo further training.

Witteveen+Bos was allowed to conduct a water scan at the company in Temse, where Ghys BV's commitment to sustainability became immediately evident. The company utilizes a modern dry cleaning machine and maximizes the use of captured rainwater. However, our experts were still able to propose some actions to achieve further water savings. After completing the water scan, Ghys BV implemented several savings measures:

  • An earlier unidentified leakage was detected and fixed.
  • A water recovery tank of 1000 liters was installed to capture and reuse rinse water from the washing machines in the washing process.
  • The largest washing machine was replaced with the newest model available, which is much more efficient.

Effects of the water scan

The actions carried out by Ghys BV have certainly not missed their mark. By detecting leakages and installing a water recovery system for rinsing water, an estimated 181 m³ of tap water per year can be saved. Considering the total water consumption of the company (including rainwater) amounted to 1,739 m³/year (in 2022), Ghys BV thus achieved a water saving of approximately 10%. The water saving resulting from the replacement of the washing machine was not estimated during the water scan, but is expected to entail a significant additional saving.

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