Dhaka sustainable water supply

Dhaka drinking water supply, operated by DWASA, heavily relies on groundwater as a source for drinking water production. At present groundwater recharge falls behind withdrawal, resulting in a significant drop of water tables. In addition DWASA plans to increase production to serve the increasing population of Dhaka and its surroundings. So to meet future water demands more surface water will be used as a source. The Meghna River has been identified as the main source for surface water intake. Two intake points have been selected and once these are operational in 2021 the Meghna River will account for more than 40 % of the raw water demand for the DWASA‘s water supply.

Long-term water security

Asian Development Bank provided funds in the form of a Technical Assistance grant to the Government of Bangladesh. The objective of the assignment is to assist the government in strengthening the monitoring and enforcement mechanism for Meghna River to ensure long-term water security of Dhaka city. In the consortium of Deltares, we have undertaken this project.

The outputs of which were:

  • Monitoring and reporting system, including water pollution mapping, strengthened in the relevant section of Meghna River;
  • Incentive or reward system for pollution control piloted;
  • Ecologically critical area identified and prepared for designation;
  • Training programs.

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