Basic design and construction supervision for jetty in Kaironi, West Papua

PT. Medcopapua Hijau Selaras (MHS), one of the major crude palm oil producers in Indonesia, asked our experts to create a basic design for a jetty. The structure was intended to berth a tanker with a deadweight tonnage of 3,500 tonnes to facilitate the loading and unloading of crude palm oil.

The jetty will be situated in rough conditions in open sea. As the area in which it will be located is known for earthquakes and heavy monsoons, the jetty will only be safe to operate for 3-6 months per year. Between December and May it will be unreachable, a fact our design team had to take into account.

MHS provided us with the results of various field surveys, including a soil investigation, bathymetric study and tidal survey, and we conducted calculations which allowed for all possible conditions and mitigating actions. Following these calculations, we chose to design an island-type jetty consisting of a loading platform, two breasting dolphins to absorb the force of the ship’s berthing, and two mooring dolphins to moor the vessel during berth. The loading platform is connected to land by a steel trestle structure with a length of 120 metres.

Our design aimed to optimise the structural and navigational safety of the jetty while allowing for a relatively low-cost, fast and straightforward construction process – preferable in this very remote area with limited transportation possibilities.

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