Webinar 'Heading towards a bike-friendly city' - watch it back (Dutch)

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Monday, 4 December 2023, the webinar: 'Heading towards a bike-friendly city' was held. In this webinar, the focus was on how data helps in making a bike-friendly city. Click here to take a look at the webinar.

You'll hear and see three experts:

  • What factors make a bicycle-friendly city and how do you make trade-offs? Martijn Akkerman, urban mobility expert - Witteveen+Bos
  • What data is there and how to turn this into information and knowledge for policymakers, using the Bicycle Monitor? Sander Veenstra, expert urban mobility and traffic data - Witteveen+Bos
  • How does data and the FietsMonitor help bicycle policy in the municipality of Haarlem? Gerrit Faber, bicycle and pedestrian advisor - Haarlem municipality.
Questions and answers from the webinar

Bicycle Traffic Monitor

The Bicycle Traffic Monitor helps use data to map out bicycle traffic, identify bottlenecks and determine the impact of measures.
Cyclists in the city waiting at a traffic light.