‘The Eastern Netherlands in transition’ symposium

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The future of rural areas

Why rural areas?

Rural areas are changing and play a key role in challenges facing Dutch society. We are grappling with the effects of climate change, we face a significant challenge in terms of the nitrogen issue, we are in the midst of an energy transition and we are attaching increasing value to a sustainable food chain. All of these challenges are putting huge pressure on the limited space available in the rural areas of the Netherlands. How can we organise this space in a future-proof, integrated way? 

Why the eastern Netherlands?

During the symposium on 9 June 2022, we will be focusing on rural areas in the eastern Netherlands. These high sandy soils are prone to drought and the consequences can be extreme. We will discuss ways of working within the limits of the natural soil and water system and how we, as inhabitants of this future landscape, can play an appropriate role in this system.

What can you expect?

This symposium focuses on learning from each other and breaking down boundaries. We will talk to various stakeholders from rural areas and together seek answers to key questions such as: how can we organise this future landscape? and what are the opportunities for transition in rural areas in the eastern Netherlands? 

Inspiring speakers will discuss the connections between the challenges facing these areas in the east. In creative design sessions we will talk to agricultural entrepreneurs and other stakeholders from these rural areas. The aim of this symposium is to jointly explore opportunities that contribute towards robust rural areas in the eastern Netherlands. More specifically, we will be looking at how we as an engineering firm, research institutes, policy makers, managers, residents, etc. can make an active contribution to this. 

Practical information

Date: 9 June 2022
Location: Boode in Bathmen
Time: 12.00 - 18.00