Rijkswaterstaat commissions Witteveen+Bos to develop the Sliedrechtse Biesbosch plan

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Rijkswaterstaat has commissioned Witteveen+Bos, in partnership with BWZ Ingenieurs, to develop the plan for the creation of 57 hectares of tidal nature along the Upper and Lower Merwede. 

The contract awarded to Witteveen+Bos comprises the performance of a planning study for one or more measures under the Water Framework Directive (WFD) in the Sliedrechtse Biesbosch and the preparation of the contract. The assignment encompasses the design process, various impact studies, conditioning and support in the zoning process.

MIRT3 decision

The objective is to reach an informed decision on the final selection of the preferred variant (MIRT3 decision) for the creation of tidal nature. The project is characterised by a finely interwoven, diverging and converging zoning and technical design process. The zoning process is crucial for garnering support, acquiring land and adding value. It also requires feasible building blocks and robust variants. The confidence of all parties involved in the process and substance of the project, based on openness, transparency and comprehensible considerations and developments, is crucial for successfully achieving the project goal.

Witteveen+Bos and Rijkswaterstaat share the ambition to create added value in the project. We will work alongside the various parties involved to find opportunities to achieve ecological goals, create recreational added value and improve sustainability. And we will strive to capitalise on these opportunities. 

Engagement and stakeholder management

For this project and for strategic engagement and stakeholder management, we are working closely with BWZ Ingenieurs. BWZ will focus on generating support and knowledge of the planning area, and Witteveen+Bos will provide the technical fundamentals and verify feasibility and costs. Our focus is on feasibility: our approach and commitment ensure that this is properly safeguarded in terms of both the support base and the technical preconditions.