Research into EMC influence on Willem Buytewechstraat

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In the Rotterdam district of Delfshaven, Rotterdam Engineering is working on the design of the ‘Willem Buytewechstraat’ project, commissioned by Eneco. In this project, a number of district heating pipes will be replaced by new, more sustainable piping, with some to be laid in a new route. This route is in the vicinity of several medium-voltage and high-voltage cables.

Witteveen+Bos has investigated the possible consequences of the project in terms of the NEN 3654 standard for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). The aim is to prevent unacceptable EMC interference between the medium-voltage and high-voltage cables and the planned district heating pipes. The maximum stresses to which the pipes may be subjected were calculated with detailed formulas. The results indicate that there will be no unacceptable EMC influence.

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