Digital Twins 2: Through the eyes of a developer (Dutch spoken)

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Listen now to the second episode of The Digital Engineer. In this podcast we bridge the gap between our work as engineers and the digital world. We will give you an update on the Digital Twin, the digital copy of reality.

In this second episode, host Pieter-Bas de Visser (left on the picture) talks to colleague Erik Bosman (right on the picture). Erik works as a Unity developer at Witteveen+Bos. Erik explains how a Digital Twin is created and how he experiences working as a developer at an engineering firm. He also talks about the impact Witteveen+Bos can make with Digital Twins, about the multi-purpose use of the Digital Twin, and more! The podcast is also available in Apple Podcasts.

Missed the first episode? You can listen to it here!

A picture of Erik Bosman and Pieter-Bas de Visser while making the podcast.

More information?

Erik is a software developer who is specialised in building 3D applications used for visualisations, simulations and digital twins.

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Erik Bosman Unity developer