Digital Twins 1: The complexity of the city (Dutch spoken)

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Listen to The Digital Engineer now! In this Dutch podcast, we bridge the gap between our work as engineers and the digital world – two realms which are now inextricably linked.

In this first series of three episodes, we bring you up to speed on the Digital Twin, a digital copy of reality. You’ve probably heard the term Digital Twin being used all over the place, but what is it actually? What can we do with it? And what role does it play in the engineering world? In this three-part series, we look at these questions from three different perspectives. We talk about Digital Twins of cities, of civil engineering structures, and of water.

Every fortnight, we’ll release a new episode online. In each episode, host Pieter-Bas de Visser (on the left in the photo) talks to a fellow specialist who works with Digital Twins on a daily basis. In this first episode, ‘The complexity of the city’, he talks to Laurens Versluis (on the right). Laurens works as an urban designer at Witteveen+Bos. He talks about what Digital Twins mean for his work and how he makes smart use of data, and about the changing role of the engineer. We also look ahead, because what’s it going to look like in ten years’ time?

A photo of Pieter-Bas de Visser and Laurens Versluis.