Large-scale maintenance projects in Haarlem

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The City of Haarlem is to undertake a number of large-scale maintenance projects alongside selected private sector partners. For the preparatory phase, it has sought advice and assistance from Antea Nederland B.V. and Witteveen+Bos. Implementation partners include Dura Vermeer Infra B.V., Heijmans Infra B.V., Van Gelder and Oosterhof Holman. The contract period is four years, with an option for a further year.

“The new approach, in which we work with permanent partners, is intended to bring about closer cooperation and thus increase the efficiency of our major maintenance projects. The new partners also bring innovative ability to the table, making a significant contribution to the circular economy and Haarlem’s sustainability objectives. Public participation and consultation procedures will remain our responsibility, with the market parties having only a supporting role,” states alderman Cora Yfke Sikkema.

Close cooperation

In the years ahead, Haarlem will work closely with two engineering and project management consultancies during the preparatory phase of the various projects, and with four contractors during their actual implementation. There will be close cooperation between all partners, which will help to establish an efficient routine and clarify the division of responsibilities. The city authority and its partners will also be able to make better use of each other’s innovative strength: ‘leveraging synergy’.


Close cooperation with permanent partners is expected to increase the efficiency of projects, since there will be only one European tendering procedure every four years rather than two tendering procedures for each project. The new approach will also enhance the quality of the market parties’ service provision.

Witteveen+Bos has been designated Haarlem’s permanent partner for the Haarlem-West district. Over the coming four years, we will therefore prepare and oversee all major maintenance projects west of the Spaarne river, an area which includes the boroughs of Haarlem Noord, Haarlem Zuidwest and the city centre. It is likely that we will be asked to prepare approximately twenty projects each year. In doing so, we shall devote close attention to the city authority’s sustainability ambitions. Witteveen+Bos has conducted several projects for Haarlem in the past. In February last year, for example, two bridges – the Buitenrustbruggen – were reopened following an extensive renovation which was completed to the full satisfaction of all stakeholders. Witteveen+Bos was responsible for all preparatory work and site management. We are currently working on plans for the restructuring of Zaanenstraat. To ensure maximum support for our design, we introduced city officials to the possibilities of Virtual Reality. We look forward to a successful continuation of our collaboration with the City of Haarlem and the other partners involved in its major maintenance programme.