GreenInfra4Beira: integral process of sustainable design

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Part of the city of Beira in Mozambique is flooded for several months a year due to its low location. In order to tackle flooding in a future-oriented way, a total package of green measures has been put together with GreenInfra4Beira. Witteveen+Bos carried out this integrated project together with local partners and the Dutch offices Deltares, Alterra and Wissing. GreenInfra4Beira is a follow-up to the Master Plan for the development of Beira and focuses on the approximately 700 hectare Chota district. This area originally consisted of low-lying agricultural land. In recent years there has been strong urbanisation. Due to the low location there is a lot of flooding.

The design process was characterised by intensive cooperation between residents, the municipality, various specialists and other stakeholders. In order to realise a good integral process and design, workshops were held at various times. The first, the problem exploration, took place during a visit to the area and discussions with the municipality and residents. The concepts of GreenInfra and Ecosystem Services were then introduced. The core is the use of natural processes, such as water retention, but also more broadly: green provides shade, provides a better living environment and provides food. The next step was to jointly make an inventory of possible measures and incorporate them into an integrated design. Tools such as the Climate Adaptation app and the Adaptation support tool were used.

Finally, a business case was drawn up. This contains an exploration of the possibilities of implementing measures. Main plans were drawn up with the parties involved for maintenance and phasing. An inventory was also made of the measures that can be combined with current developments in the area. The realisation of the GreenInfra4Beira plan will create an urban area in which flooding will be kept to a minimum.